After graduation, Andreas was trained in a BBDO network agency in Hamburg. Two and half years later in 1991 he joined a production company and worked his way up from assistant to producer and creative consultant in 1995. After having supervised TVC productions in the United States, Mexico, Germany & United Kingdom among others, Andreas decided in 1996 to relocate to Los Angeles (USA) to start a production service and consulting company.

Between 1996 and 2009 he worked as an Executive Producer and Producer for both agencies and production companies alike. Among those were international network such as FCB, TBWA or small boutique agencies such as Philipp und Keuntje in Hamburg. Andreas quickly made a name for himself as a producer for the socalled difficult productions. Mostly he would be hired for international productions transcending different cultures.

During this time he produced a series of more than 16 commercials for the IPO of Deutsche Post (DHL). During a period of 8 months (2000/2001) these films were produced on three continents (Germany, Italy, USA & China) with german celebrity Thomas Gottschalk (Wetten Dass..?) and advertising agency Jung von Matt.

This was when Andreas traveled to China and shot with worldfamous director Wolfgang Petersen (Academy Award Nominee - Das Boot) in and around Beijing for five days. In 2006 he met his future partner Niko Tziopanos when he worked as an Executive Producer at Motion Design Studio - Sehsucht. Latest in 2008 he worked for the chinese market producing the launch campaign of the new 2009 BMW 7 series for a Beijing based agency - Interone (part of BBDO Worldwide). 



"My passion for moving images came at an early age when my parents used to toss my star wars toys to me out of the window of our fourth floor apartment when I was playing in the sandbox in front of the house, I always wished, I was on it"

As an action addict Niko felt an early attraction to the magic of motion and moving images. At the age of 14 he used to fix his fathers Super-8 camera and started his first Star Wars stop motion projects. Shooting their monthly Snowboarding adventures years later, he realized that it could be a good idea to make it a profession.  After his graduation with honor in 2000, he first continued his career as art director for several Hamburg based advertising agencies and multimedia studios. In 2001, he definitively set his focus to computer animation and motion graphics and started working for Hamburg based company Brand New Media. As an art director and motion graphics artist he was jointly responsible for branding several major German TV networks such as ZDF, RTL2 and NBC Germany.

This work put his name on the map for broadcast design, and Velvet in Munich recruited Niko to join their studio in 2003. At Velvet he did more work for other prestigious TV Networks (such as Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera Sports, Star-hub eCity, DSF & Skysports). 

Back in Hamburg, hired by Sehsucht as a Director, some of Nikos most known work was created (Filmfest Hamburg 2006, Bitfilm Festival, Mercedes Benz Oil, 10 Years of Smart). Among others his Konzerthaus Dortmund trailer (Symphony in RedBlack Poem) won world-wide recognition and awards in Cannes and other famous festivals.




Daniel has a strong passion for diving, whether that means the ocean to observe Nemos or diving deep into projects.

Hes always been fascinated by moving images. His strong passion and academic background in Cross Channel Branding made him highly experienced in re-branding of TV Channels and CI development over the last 16 years. Combining these skills with his strong technical and creative interest in video games/engines, motion Design, VR and 3D software, makes him an all-around weapon, taking the creative lead side by side with founder Niko Tziopanos.

Daniel spent three years in Sydney working for a variety of agencies and brands by the likes of The Lab (ABC re-branding / Tomorrow when the war began title sequence), Maud Creative (re-branding of Victoria BitterFosters Group), Heckler and Animal Logic.

After leaving Sydney, he was working on the 2012 Olympic opening and Paralympic closing ceremony in London. During his three years there he did a variety of channel re-branding projects for DixonBaxi such as Sony LATAM, Telmundo Networks, MTV Finland and UKTV's Drama channel.

Throughout all that time he remained true to his roots to Hamburg based company Brand New Media, where he started working back in 2000 together with Niko. He kept on diving into extensive design and re-branding work in particular for ZDF and ZDF Info as well as concept and design work for shows like Wetten, dass ..?Heute Show and Kerner.



At a young age nothing could keep Martin from sneaking in front of television at night. His parents tried everything from locked doors, hiding remote controls to grounding him.

His creative eye and daring personality is what makes him so valuable to us. There is just no stopping him. He loves visual story telling, and his sense of style go hand in hand with being able to think in concepts.

After getting his degree in Communication Design, Martin started working as an art director in print and in the artists supervision at NHB Studios. Drawn to motion design he moved to Sehsucht in 2004 where he met Niko and later Andreas. Martin is a founding member of weareflink in 2009. He makes his mark with numerous Films like award winning "Beate Uhse Chid Lock" and many Title sequences like Dina Foxx 1+ 2, Tschick, Room 205 and many more. As part of a congenial team he has been fortunate to be recognized both domestic and internationally with the industry's most prestigious awards.

Making a long story short he loves what he does.




Always led by her strong affection for culture, art and design Melanie found her way into the advertising business after having grown up in Asia and having worked for a major Hamburg museum.

Starting off as a production assistant in the TV department of a big advertising agency back in Germany, she soon got intensely involved in the world of moving pictures - subsequently seeking to perfect her technical knowledge in some further engagements in the film and post production sector.

Always keen on keeping an eye on the entire process, she developed her skills to become managing partner in several post production companies. Her balancing personality as well as her communicative open-mindedness helped to successfully prove herself in these positions.

As a dedicated mother of her two girls she is used to a lively world and is not easily discomposed. Melanie loves meeting people and making new contacts. That is why we have made her our new business manager. She is keeping up the strands of a multilayered network and still expanding for the benefit of it