Y&R London team up with WEAREFLINK, represented by Independent / Indy8, to craft an ad for BBC's 'Every Element of Wonder' campaign, highlighting its learning running across TV, radio and social media platforms.

The 50" ad brings together 39 of the BBC's learning titles into one carefully crafted movie, combining a large variety of subjects and content into one visually connected piece.

Y&R remarks on how the launch campaign, 'Every Element of Wonder', is a celebration of learning in a slick reimagining of Tom Lehrer’s famous periodic table song, ‘The Elements’, in which BBC titles replacing the scientific elements. The titles and content whirl together and transform into a cubical shape, and thus retaining its visual connection to the BBC periodic table from the start to the end of the film. In the ad’s whirling culmination, the titles come together in their own table to form ‘Every element of wonder available across the BBC’.

The song was brought to life by the impressive lyrical talents of Golden Globe award-winning actress Olivia Coleman, who mastered her recital of all 39 BBC titles!

The visual concept was to transform the content into a cubical shape, therefore creating a visual connection throughout the ad which would always refer back to the BBC periodic table.

We used a combination of fully CG generated content, footage and motion design elements to illustrate the learning content available across BBC's factual TV and radio output, its digital resources and learning initiatives, highlighting shows from Brian Cox's 'Forces of Nature' to 'The Infinite Monkey Cage‘.

BBC_edu_Monkey cage.jpg

BBC’s broad range of educational content has something for everyone to experience, regardless of age. The team have successfully comprised and showcased such a vast quantity of the BBC’s brilliant output into one sole creative piece.


Client: BBC Agency: Y&R London Production Company: Indy8 Executive Producer: Andreas Lampe Director: weareflink Creative lead: Daniel Balzer Producers: Charlie Stanfield, Ilka Hollmann CG Artists: Daniel Balzer, Lasse Clausen, Martin Hess, Myrna Kinnman, Frank Spalteholz, Rafael Vicente Compositing Artist: Martin Hess Editing: Daniel Balzer, Martin Hess Sound design: Chris Turner @ Jungle Music arrangement and production: Fred Ashworth @ Native