VW - People's Car Project - Virals


On our mission to shoot several viral films for the Volkswagen - "People's Car Project", FLINK packed their bags and hit the road. We set up production in three cities spread all over China, filling up our disks and memories with unforgettable imagery.


After the successful launch of the "People's Car Project" campaign, it was about spreading the campaigns key-visual, the so called "Flubber-Car", all over china.

Several viral spots, shot at recognizable locations, teased the appearance of "real" Flubber-Cars. These to scale models where filled with water to make sure, nobody could take them home.


In China there is no way to block a public place for filming like this well known street in Shanghai. Before shooting "PARKING" we were promised that the shooting day would be on a bank holiday and the street would be empty... oh well, that's how it looks like when there is no one in the streets. All the people in this shot are "real". Check out the guy with the cap, he has no clue what is going on in that empty space our actress is shouting at some kind of...ghost? 


Beside our talent there is only one other crew member in that shot. Can you guess who he is? Right, the guy with the most important job on that day - covering up the other car brand emblem..



"JIAN ZI" was shot in Beijing. Just like in Shanghai all pedestrians other than our five Jian Zi-players where - well, just there.

They are reacting to a funny guy in a blue suit taking his job a little bit too serious, as you will see in the Behind the Scenes video below.


But not blocking the streets is the best thing about shooting in China. Or do you really think we wrote in the "DRYING OFF" script that the car should follow a crazy guy riding a three-wheeled-umbrella-bike in the streets of Chengdu?


What happens when it is 4:00 am and 5 degree Fahrenheit in Beijing you can see in the "DRAGON" viral. There are no real pedestrians and the extras are leaving the set in the middle of the shoot. There is nothing you can do while watching them heading home and imagine hear them shout "FIX IT IN THE POST, LONG-NOSE".


Why is he...what?...dancing?! Have a look at the Behind the Scenes video and get an impression of what made us laugh.



Spikes Asia 2011 - Film Craft (Computer Graphics/Visual Effects) - Bronze
2011 MAAD Awards - Online Video Silver
Deutscher Werbefilmpreis 2011 - Visual Effects - Finalist
John Caples International Awards 2012 - Viral Video Marketing - Gold


Client: Volkswagen, China Agency: Proximity, Beijing / Goodstein & Partners Executive Creative Director: Georg Warga

Production Company: weareflink Director: weareflink Creative Lead: Niko Tziopanos Director of Photography: Roman Jakobi Executive Producer: Andreas Lampe Producer: Muriel Dornseif, Karsten Müller Conceptual Design: Niko Tziopanos CG/Compositing Artist: Lasse Clausen, Alex Heyer, Philipp von Preuschen, Niko TziopanosCompositing: Moritz Gläsle, Markus Gratl, Lene Hönigschmid, Alexander von der Lippe, Sonja Spader, Niko Tziopanos Sounddesign: Supreme Music, Hamburg